Stork and Dove

Meta-Matcha + Powdered Mix Sample Size

Gluten FreeDairy-Free

You can have all the benefits on our Mamma’s Matcha plus the added benefit of collagen and turmeric! Collagen helps support healthy skin, hair and nails, while turmeric brings its anti-inflammatory properties. Combining them with matcha creates a unique blend that is both nutritious and delicious additive, that is versatile enough to make into a rich and creamy latte or a cool and refreshing lemonade. The choice is yours.

Organic gluten-free oats, Organic brewer’s yeast, Organic ground golden flax seed, Organic matcha green tea powder, Organic collagen, Organic turmeric, Organic Ceylon cinnamon, Organic ground moringa powder, Organic ground ginger, Organic nutmeg, Organic black pepper, Organic cloves.

Use 6-8 tsp daily for a week to increase your supply, and then 2-4 tsp to maintain supply.