Stork and Dove

Milkin’ More + Powdered Mix

Gluten FreeDairy-Free

Taking our Milkin’ More Powered Mix to the next level! We formulated this mix with added collagen which is a vital protein that plays a crucial role in build connective tissue, helping with digestion and gives us that fabulous glow of healthy skin, luscious hair and strong nails. Helping you produce more milk, look good and feel good too! Win-Win.

Simply add to muffins, cereal, coffee or smoothies. The options are endless. Enjoy and happy milk-making!

Organic gluten-free oats, Organic brewer’s yeast, Organic ground golden flax seed, Organic moringa powder, Organic collagen.

How to: Use 6-8 tsp daily for a week to increase your supply, and then 2-4 tsp to maintain supply.